For the most part I am sure that we would all agree that the coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact within the UK.  Indeed, it is still being felt throughout most areas of the country, some more so than others, by both people and industry alike.

The government is now however looking forward and attempting to get the ‘country working again’ in an effort to boost the economy.

As a result, and in partnership with industry (TrustMark and the Construction Leadership Council) they have produced new guidelines for tradespeople/households in order to promote safe working in and around people’s homes.

The guidelines are easy to follow and recognise that providing for safety as a result of Covid-19 is not just the responsibility of the construction company/tradespeople it employs, but that homeowners and tenants also have their part to play with regard to staying safe and controlling the spread of the virus.

The campaign includes a video which can be viewed here: Work Safe – Safe Work.

Additionally, the Guide can be downloaded here.