The FormScore app is the brainchild of Rob Stephenson and is a designed to help individuals monitor their mental health.

From its inception it was created as a simple way to track mental wellbeing, on a daily basis, using a simple scoring mechanism from ‘one to ten’.   The FormScore app has however evolved over time to be much more than a simple mood tracker and it now connects people with their: friends, family and work colleagues in order that they can provide support to each other when feeling low and celebrate when riding high.

For many reasons individuals frequently fail to give sufficient consideration to their own mental wellbeing or that of their friends and colleagues until ‘crisis’ occurs and now more than ever in the midst of this pandemic we all need to give more thought to our mental health and also be in a position to support those around us.

The stigma of mental ill-health often makes it hard to share how we are feeling and the impact of the pandemic is likely to ensure that the vast majority of us will at some point struggle with our mental health to some degree or another. The measures that have been put in place to combat the pandemic (social distancing, etc) will almost certainly help to keep us physically safe but correspondingly they may also have a greater impact on our mental wellbeing.

The FormScore app was designed as a simple way to measure your mental wellbeing. It’s a way to track your moods and be open about how you’re feeling on a scale we can all understand and better still it is Free.

Check out FormScore for more detail or grab the app from the App Store/Google Play.