SMSTS Course

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme is commonly referred to as the SMSTS course and forms part of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Site Safety Plus suite of courses.

The Site Safety Plus (SSP) suite of courses provide for key training across a range of roles within the construction, building and civil engineering sectors.

The SSP suite of courses are aimed as specific roles:

These qualifications were created by the CITB to establish and set clear industry wide standards for the management of health and safety across all construction sites within the United Kingdom.

Aim of the SMSTS Training course

The aim of the SMSTS training course is to impart; in-depth knowledge, best practice and the relevant skills required for everyone who is currently working as a construction site manager, or is aspiring to do so.

Hence if you are a; construction site manager, project manager, contracts manager or a site supervisor looking to step up, undertaking the SMSTS course it will assist you in understanding current legislation and best practice enabling you to fullfill your role more effectively, particularly with regard to: planning, controlling, organising, monitoring and administering your staff in a safe manner on a construction site.

Entry Requirements for the SMSTS course

Whilst there are no formal entry requirements for the SMSTS courses as it is aimed at managers, individuals wishing to undertake the course are expected to be competent in the English language – both spoken and written.  Previous health and safety knowledge and experience is also recommended.

Individuals should of course either already be operating as a site manager or about to adopt a site manager role.

Length of the SMSTS course

The SMSTS is a five (5) day tutor led course that can be undertaken in the; classroom or remotely online.

Requirement for SMSTS Training

Whilst there is no specific legal requirement for construction site managers to hold the SMST qualification, it is endorsed by BuildUK and the majority of construction sites within the UK will require their site managers to have it and to have obtained a CSCS Black Managers Card.

Difficulty Level of the SMSTS Training Course

The SMSTS is not overly difficult although as with all courses it can prove challenging particularly if you have additional responsibilities such as work and family to provide for.

You must attend all five days of the course and throughout you will be actively encouraged to engage and participate in the course excercises and share your own experiences of working on a construction site.

The written examination is undertaken on the last day of the course and consists of 18 multiple choice and 7 short answer questions (25 in total), it must be completed within 35 minutes and the pass mark is 81%.

It is stongly suggested that you set aside time for revision in preperation for the exam particularly if you have not undertaken any form of training/examination in the recent past.

SMSTS Certification

The SMSTS course is certified for a period of five (5) years upon its successful completion and it demonstrates to employers that you have met the qualification standard required to operate as a construction site manager.

As the certificate is time limited there is a requirement for individuals to retrain periodically (every 5 years) in order to stay certified.  Re-certification can be achieved through the completion of the shorter SMSTS Refresher course which can be completed in two (2) days.  The refresher is specifically aimed at those individuals who have previously successfully undertaken the SMSTS course.  This shorter course must however be undertaken prior to the expiry of original certification (5 years).

CSCS Black Card

In isolation successful completion of the SMSTS course is not sufficient to qualify an individual for a site managers Black CSCS Card.  Individuals must also:

a. Pass the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test – at the appropriate level i.e. managers and professionals

b. Successfully completed a relevant Level 5, 6 or 7 NVQ i.e. construction management

You can undertake a relevant NVQ at the appropriate level with Goldcross.

Where can I take the SMSTS Training course

Goldcross Training provide a number of methods by which this course can be undertaken: on block, over weekends, through day release, in the classroom and online.  Why not give one of our training assistants a call to discuss your options on: 0203 6335505 or book directly here.