If you are working on the highway in any capacity then you should be aware that the new ‘Passport’ scheme has now gone live and that it may well impact you in some capacity, particularly if you operate in the construction sector.

The new highways passport scheme went live on the 01st August 2020 and anybody working under the control of a Principal Contractor for a Highways England funded project or scheme (online and offline) who would normally receive a project or scheme induction in accordance with CDM 2015 will be required to utilise it, although there are currently a few exemptions such as: delivery drivers, maintenance personel, etc at this time.

The scheme which has been fully endorsed by Highways England and the Supply Chain Safety Leadership Group, has been brought into force by ‘Reference Point and Mitie’ – the companies behind Network Rail’s Sentinel Safety Solution and service and HS2’s Validate Safety Scheme.

The aim of the scheme is to:

  • Create Safer Sites
  • Reduce Risk
  • Create Effeciencies and Cost Savings

whilst providing a powerful, comprehensive and feature packed mobile workforce management solution.

It will deliver a single smart solution for the highways workforce; transforming how the competency of those working on the road network is assured and consistently improve standards within the industry.  The scheme claims to utilise trusted and improved technologies to both capture and deliver real-time information enabling workforces to be more effective and safe whilst on site.

Workers will be required to carry a smartcard that will be linked to the ‘passport’ database which in turn will provide a single and transferable real-time competence record, that can be checked daily confirming each workers ability to work in real time.  The system will cover induction training and all other skills, licences and competencies held by an individual allowing training to be aimed at the right individuals at the right time whilst also allowing individuals to confirm their competencies through the presentation of their card.

A spokesman for ‘Reference Point’ (the providers of the SkillGuard system) stated that there are also plans in place to discuss the linking of the scheme with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card software – so watch this space!

Further details with regard to how it may impact you as an individual or a company can be found here!